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תיאטרון יפו, רחבת התיאטרון

“… the only sane Island in the Israeli theatre, where a deep dialogue takes place between two cultures: Jewish and Arabic. This is not a hypocritical attempt to prove co-existence, but a real intention to give an equal stage to both cultures. ”
Ofira Henig, leading theatre director

“A part of the Arab-Hebrew Theatre’s distinctiveness is the way the audience takes an active part in some of the plays… I was witness to a small miracle of the kind you can only find in a real fringe theatre.”
Time Out, Tel Aviv

“….. Jaffa Theatre – A Stage for Arab Hebrew Culture is an institution that insists on going its own unique way… finding materials that promote sensitive reflection and not militancy…..the captivating air of innocence is the key to the special charm of this small theatre in Jaffa, where the surrounding cruel reality is set aside for a moment and is replaced by a kind of gentle dream of reconciled and vibrant coexistence.”
Shai Bar Yaacov, Theatre critic, Yediot Aharonot

ערב מחווה לגבי אלדור
טופס הרשמה, ללא עלות