Artistic Program 2024

Arab Hebrew Culture in Jaffa: 2022 Program

25th Anniversary Celebration of Jaffa Theatre – Summer 2024
Performance – artists salute Jaffa Theatre
Renewal of the production “Longing” Awarded the Israeli Theatre Prize

A reaction play, about the situation by 8 young writers: 4 Arab & 4 Jewish
Daisy, Victor & Amir – Play by Yossi Yona

Continue a run of Jaffa Theatre’s plays
Shampoo Queen, Oum Kalthoum, Farid El Atrash, Waiting for Godot, Papag’ina, A Thousand and One Nights, Ali Baba, Shmulik the Porcupine, Ensemble Jama’a – Red Riding Hood, plays by Ensemble Freichot.

Women Festival – March 24
Theatronetto – April 24, Passover
Festival of Contemporary Arab Culture – May 24
Yaffa Children’s Festival – Succot 24

Special Projects

  • Creation Award named after Shulamit Aloni
  • Arab Hebrew Youth Theatre Group
  • Art Exhibitions Arabic Hebrew at the Foyer supported by Arkin Foundation
  • Evenings of World Music
  • Evenings of Arabic Literature and Poetry edited by Yossi Yona
  • Cooperation with Anis Auditorium, Yaffo

Shampoo Queen at ID Festival, Berlin, April 2024
Romeo & Julietta – Shakespeare Festival, Bonn Germany, May 2024

אום כולתום גלית גיאת משתחווה