תיאטרון יפו חזית

Jaffa Theatre

A Middle Eastern Stage

The Jaffa Theatre is a dynamic, creative partnership between people, cultures, and languages. Inspired by both tradition and modernity, Arab and Hebrew artists write, direct, and act. The theatre, located in the heart of the old city of Jaffa, is in one of the liveliest areas of Tel Aviv-Yafo. The theatre was founded in 1998 and is located in a historic building by the Mediterranean. It shares its premises with the Arab Al Saraya Theatre company. The two companies work independently and jointly to put on shows. Productions are in Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles on occasion.

Producing a New Reality
The Jaffa Theatre is a socially- involved establishment whose plays often confront currently relevant issues and conflicts. Following each show, actors and directors host a discussion with the audience. The theatre has regularly held festivals dedicated to children, women, and the diversity of Middle Eastern cultures.
Performances occur both in Jaffa and around Israel as well as abroad. The theatre offers several other projects, including workshops, educational programs, art exhibitions, music, and literary evenings.

לוגו משרד התרבות והספורט