The 17th Yaffo Festival for Children | A sensitive play

Babalina celebrates her Bat-Mitzva in Israel and abroad

Bablina is a fashionable and funny lady, using her wit to change a bath into a stage. To Babalina the hour for a shower becomes an adventure funny and stormy. Bubbles come out of the shower, various and odd objects, huge bubbles jump out of the mirror and a lot of surprises put together a wild comedy with a few words but with a lot of imagination and creativity. The play combines body theatre, object theatre, clowning and of course the art of soap bubbles.

The show is made accessible by the “Mekomot Shmurim“(reserved places) Association and is sensitive, offers everyone an equal space where any behavior is acceptable and any response is good.

During the show it’s possible to get up go out and walk around. Please be sensitive to those sitting around you.
Noise-blocking headphones and communication stickers will be distributed on the spot.

Triggers: splashes of water, soap bubbles, audience participation

ages 3-7
Without words
Show length: 40 min​

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