Land of Bitchutiaya

The 17th Yaffo Festival for Children | Premier!

The fairy of the Land of Safety “Fula” surprises “Haitam” and takes them to a fascinating journey in her land. There he meets the special and amusing residents. A brave friendship is forged between them and they give him the title of Ambassador of the Land of Safety. When Haitam returns home he passes on his knowledge to all the boys and girls.

Playwright: Hila & Alon Shlegel; Translation: Mouna Hawa
Director: Iman Nahas
Actors: Rami Saliba, Yaara Zarik, Dia’a Mograbi
Set Design: Simion Golko
Music: Karam Matar

ages 6-9
Show length: 45 min​​

כשהאדמה רועשת
טופס הרשמה לאירוע, ללא עלות