Stone Soup

The 17th Yaffo Festival for Children

Three nomadic women move from village to village because they have a special task! To have eyes meet, open hearts and tear down walls with humor and song in order to succeed the nomadic women brew a pot of stone soup and draw the locked-up villagers with magic ropes out of their homes. The story of the play is based on a folk practice that has been passed down like an ancient recipe from generation to generation and culture to culture. The ancient story is more relevant than ever and at its center is the power of giving and togetherness.

By: Roni Levanon-Efraim

Ages 4+ and all the family
Show length: 45 min​

By: Roni Levanon-Efraim
Director: Roni Levanon Efraim & Shiri Jorno
Original Music &acting: Niki-Nofar, Tzifroni-Yigal
Actors & Creators: Orit Grinfeld-Shor & Noa Yehudai-Cohen
Dramaturg: Danny Levy
Set Design: Hans Plada
Costume Design: Noa Mer
Visual Consultant: Liat Shabtai
Producer: Avia Hadida
Co-creator: Eden Uliel
Poster illustration: Orian Shavit

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