Community of Friends

We invite you to join our Community of Friends

Couple: 1,000 NIS, Single: 500 NIS

In Old Jaffa, in a multi-arched historic 500-year-old building overlooking the sea, the Jaffa Arab Hebrew Theatre has been a model of shared lives and bi-lingual and bi-culture intergroup artistic creativity for over 20 years. The Jaffa Theatre is a stage for theatre, the arts, and cross-cultural activity promoting Jewish, Arab, and Middle Eastern understanding. The theatre hopes to foster mutual respect through art to pave a path that leads to reconciliation and peace.

Igal Ezraty, General Manager, Gaby Aldor, Co-Artistic Director, and Rauda Sliman, Arabic Stage Director, have made the Jaffa Theatre home for Arab and Jewish artists. They are all creators from the center of the country who together grapple with questions of identity, society, and space.
The theatre offers a repertoire of plays in Hebrew and Arabic with translations and has presented more than 80 productions: including “Waiting for Godot,” “Oum Kalthoum,” “Nights of Yaffo – Let’s Dance,” and “The Yellow Wind.”
The theatre today hosts literary evenings, songs, and music and produces annual festivals: “The Festival of Contemporary Arab Culture,” The Children’s Festival, The Women’s festival, and from this year, Theatronetto. Actors and writers such as Ronit Matalon, Makram Khoury, Raida Adon, Yusuf Abu-Warda, Hanna Vazana-Grunwald, Almog Behar, Ayman Agbariya, David Grossman, Moti Lerner, Galit Giat, Kobi Oshrat, Oded Kotler, Norman Issa, and many more have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the rich repertoire and cultural offerings.

We find it essential to establish a community of Friends to help support the theatre and promote our values and practice. We invite you to become a member and make this happen.
Joining will grant you free admission to two plays in exchange for 500NIS ($150) tax-deductible for the season along with other programs at reduced prices, such as events and meetings with Arab and Jewish artists.
Friends from abroad will receive two online productions, a listing of theatre materials, and a tour of the theatre when visiting. One can also make a tax-deductible donation from the U.S.via PEF, a US 501c (3). Email: [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming you to the Community of Friends and working together to promote and expand an artistic tradition of co-existence in Jaffa and throughout Israel.

With deep appreciation,
Prof. Tzvia Walden,
Alia Abu-Shmeiss,
ֿCo-Chairs, The Community of Friends.

Jaffa Theatre – Board of Directors
Tamar Guy, Akram Hilo – Co-Chairs
Ayat Abou-Shmeiss, Arnon Ben-Yair, Maya Bailey, Rina Bar-Tal, Futna Jabber, Yitzhak Ganor, Motti Grunwald, Rachel Dolev, Itzik Weingarten, Arie Hanan, Guy Levi, Aliza Savir, Nahad Sakis, Yossi Frost, Dalia Raz, Michal Refaeli-Kadoury, Igal Sasson, Amit Schejter

To join our community please fill out the form. Payment options are below.