Hawiye Festival | Neta Elkayam preforming Electro Atlas “Arenas”

Neta Elkayam, world-renowned singer of North African music, connects the spirit of her mothers to the cosmopolitan scene in the show Arénas. The music of Arénas is inspired by a long-term research and creation project of Neta Elkayam and Amit Hai Cohen about the Arénas transit camps that were located in Marseille in the South of France.

With the music production of Amit Hai Cohen and the trumpet of Tal Avraham, they create an intimate and energetic soundscape, melding electro-tribal beats from the Atlas Mountains with women’s voices from transit camps, infused with melodies of jazz, liturgical poems and hip hop.

Neta Elkayam | Vocals, Percussion
Amit Hai Cohen | Musical production, Piano, Keyboard, Computer
Tal Avraham | Trumpet
VJ Visual content by Arik Futterman (OrGanuz)
Stills: Ido Cohen

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