A Thousand and One Nights

Selections from the stories, “A Thousand and One Nights,” presented by a group of actors in the form of story-telling, physical theater, and elements of Arab and Western music. The end, as befits great stories, is one of reconciliation and peace.

“A journey of story theatre and poetry, movement and music at its best!!”

Directed by Norman Issa

Show length: 60 min

Directed by Norman Issa
Translated by Gaby Aldor
Edited by Igal Ezraty
Music Composition by Alla Abu Amara, Chen Zymbalista
Stage Design by Uri Onn
Costume Design by Ophir Chazan
Choreogrphy by Priel Chashivon
Lighting Design by Ziv Voloshin
Cast: Chantal Cohen, Evelyn Katcholin, Eden Shoshani, Racheli Pinchas,
Avi Golomb, Kfir Livneh – Amram, Eyal Selma

כשהאדמה רועשת
טופס הרשמה לאירוע, ללא עלות