Consensual Murder

Awarded Honorable Mention at Acco Festival 2021

“Consensual Murder” is a work dealing with the murder of women in Israel.
The work is made up of a poem by Iris Elia Cohen in the wake of the story of the murder of the late Esti Aharonovitch, and texts of Tehila Azulai-Shaul, partly inspired by encounters with women at the Domestic Violence Prevention Center.
The texts remind us of gender that cross – borders of identity, and is associated with power relations in social norms it threatens freedom and freedom of us all!

Director & Dramaturg: Hanna Vazana-Grunwald

After my death, mourn me in this way
Once upon a time there was a woman
And behold
She has gone
Only a shadow,
After my death
Don’t keep silent anymore
Go out and raise your voices in a scream
So that my death won’t be a regular habit

Show length: 70 min

Director & Dramaturg: Hanna Vazana-Grunwald
Poem by: Iris Elia Cohen
Play by: Tehila Azulai Shaul

Cast: Tehila Azulai Shaul, Selly Arkadash, Zita Yigodiva Zinger, Racheli Pinchas

Set design & Costumes: Frida Shoham
Music: Didi Erez
Choreography: Alik Niv
Lighting designer: Matan Preminger
Producer: Avital Michel Meir
Assistant Director: Noa Ben-Ari
Name Reading: Sigalit Banai
Light & Sound Director: Mor Hassan

Thanks to Acco Festival, Jaffa Theatre, Avi Gibson Bar-El

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