Fly Me to… Tel Aviv

A concert-show with Giuseppe L. Bonifati and Linda Sugataghy

Music and piano: Claudio Passilongo

A co-production of:
DOO performing arts group (IT)
Det Flyvende Teater (DK)
with the support of Italian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv

Entrance to the show is free of charge

Giuseppe L. Bonifati and Maestro Claudio Passilongo, a duo with an exceptional artistic synergy, are flying around the world with a new show-concert. This show includes a repertoire of international classics, on the notes of boleros, jazz and bossa nova, and evoke several great musical icons and successes of the past.
They will fly the audience from Italy to USA, Denmark, Hungary, Spain, France, and then to Latin America, Asia, entertaining the spectators with a pleasant and utterly elegant musical evening full of surprises and interactions.
The concert is part of a larger “low and high-altitude” pilot-project of the newly founded The Flying Theatre in Billund, town of the second busiest international airport in Denmark and it will be performed also in airport spaces, offering an exceptional experience, optimism and faith in a new era of flying and international travelling, after the long period of isolation and close-down.

Giuseppe L. Bonifati (1985) actor, director, playwright Born 1985. He is an actor, playwright, poet and director. He is based in Denmark. He attended acting courses at the Civic School of Dramatic Art “Paolo Grassi”. He furthered his studies at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts “Silvio D’Amico” and at the International Theatre Workshops of Venice Biennale. Between 2010-2020, he has been artist/director in residence at Odin Teatret Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (Denmark), theatre with which he has collaborated since 2008. He has participated in other residency programs in Europe and America. As actor, he took part in plays directed by Eugenio Barba, Julia Varley, Motus, Renato Carpentieri, Remondi&Caporossi, Ruggero Cappuccio, Andrée Ruth Shammah, Roberto Cavosi, Emanuela Giordano, Giuseppe Maradei. He was awarded with the Crystal Microphone “Umberto Benedetto”, in 2006, by RAI – New voices for radio (Jury: Giovanni Antonucci, Claudia Cannella, Gabriele Parenti, Nicola Cariglia). In 2011, he won the National Dramaturgy Award “Alessandro Fersen” and he has been chosen among the Young National Talents by Ministry of Youth in Italy. He has been granted in 2015 and 2020 with “DE.MO./ MOVIN’UP” for Performing arts, by MIBACT Italian Culture Ministry/GAI. He has given workshops and lectures on performing arts collaborating with arts and drama faculties of the University of Turin, Kaposvar University (Hungary), UDESC – Florianopolis (Brazil), Aarhus University and Copenhagen University (Denmark). The text of “Pepe El Bastardo Impaziente e Innamorato” appeared in the theatrical series “Percorsi” by Editoria&Spettacolo publishing house. Among other movies, he took part in Ridley Scott’s movie ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD, alongside Mark Wahlberg, Christopher Plummer, Michelle Williams, Timothy Hutton. He has filmed recently in the new BBC tv-series US, with Tom Hollander and Sofie Gråbøl. He will take part in the upcoming film ENZO FERRARI (2022) directed by Michael Mann, starring Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz.

Linda Sugataghy, creative producer She is in charge of the photo/video production, international communication and design for all works of DOO performing arts group including the projects of Det Flyvende Teater. Born in Hungary, she is now based between Hungary, Italy and Denmark. Graduated with an MA in French linguistics and literature from Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) in Budapest, she soon turned towards the language of visuality. She joined DOO in 2013. She has been artist in residence at Odin Teatret – Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (Denmark) between 2016 and 2020. Since 2015, she has been collaborating in all projects of DOO touring in several countries. She has worked with arts and drama faculties of the University of Turin (Italy), Kaposvar University (Hungary), UDESC – Florianópolis (Brazil), Aarhus University and Copenhagen University (Denmark). She is co-founder of the multidisciplinary artistic movement Kunstpartiet in Denmark since 2016, started in cooperation with municipalities of Central Denmark region, as well as for Det Flyvende Teater.

Claudio Passilongo, composer Born in 1984. Claudio Passilongo has worked all his life with the atmosphere of jazz and classical music. He is trained as a pianist and composer at the Neapolitan Music Conservatory and as an English teacher at the Istituto Universitario Orientale di Napoli. After attending the Academy Chiara di Siena with Salvatore Sciarrino and Andrea Portera, Claudio has won international composition competitions, and his music has been played in i.a. DR, Radio RAI and Radio Swiss Jazz. Vatican Radio chose his Sonata No. 1 as the main theme of the program “I giochi dell’armonia”. He also composes film music, and his music has been played all over Europe by i.a. Kuno Kjærbye, Mikkel Andersen, The Paradox Choir, Ensemble Bios, Trio Ismena, Musical Ensemble, Soloists of the Theater of Sancarlo, Chamber Orchestra Carmina, Trio Esperidi, Orchestra d’Archi Città di Pompei and by Future Blend Project (UK). His compositions are printed in Germany, Serbia, Estonia and Italy. He is a member of the Danish Composers’ Association, which wrote the following about him ”(…) In your music you show professional mastery of a great variety of compositional, edited and mastering techniques ”. He is composing and performing for DFT group.

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