Grandma Turbo






A show for ages 5-11 based on the book by Iris Elia-Cohen

Grandma Mazula, whom everyone knows as Grandma Turbo is capable of talking non-stop for hours she talks speedily as if someone has promised her a million dollars if she succeeds in pushing seven hundred words in one minute. Besides she is known for her exaggeration.

If she starts a conversation with “You won’t believe what happened to me yesterday” you shouldn’t believe it.
In short, from every fly Grandma makes out an elephant, and from every gecko an anaconda snake and from every seahorse a whale, but what happens when an crocodile comes to her hotel suddenly?

My name is Karen, I’m grandma Mazula’s favorite granddaughter. Alright I’m her only granddaughter…
The play is based on the book by Iris Elia-Cohen “Grandma Turbo and the Thousands of Whining Crocodiles”.
Stage adaptation: Hanna Vazana Grunwald.

ages 5-11
Play length: 50 min​

Stage adaptation: Hanna Vazana Grunwald
Actors & creators: Eden Uliel, Selly Arkadesh, Rotem Goldberg
Set design & costumes: Ya’ara Tsadok
Original Music: Nadav Vikinsky
Movement Design: Ravid Sevil
Lighting Design: Adi Somech
Doll: Leonid Elisov
Assistant Director: Noa Ben-Ari; Producer: Avital Mishel-Meir
Photographer: Efrat Mazor

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