Tribute to Abed Al Halim Hafez: The Black Nightingale

Abed Al Halim Hafez (1929-1977) made a breakthrough in popular Arabic music.
Actor and film star, in those days Cairo was the Hollywood of the Arab world.
His poems are of importance and depth as Oum Kalthuom’s songs and are known for their musical innovation and the high textual drama in which they were written. Songs of Halim Hafez are spectacular and magnetic and of importance in the Arab musical work landscape till today. The performance will include the best hits of the Egyptian mythological singer and film star, as well as stories and anecdotes on his life, his loves and suffering folded among his songs and the many films he participated in. the performance includes screening of excerpts from his films.

Ziv Yechezkel, Uri Gavriel and Ziwar Bahlul sing and play his songs and tell about their childhood and their relationship with the singer and his songs.

Ziv Yechezkel – Singing & Oud
Uri Gavriel – Texts & Singing
Ziwar Bahlul – Piano & Singing

Editing and artistic consultation: Eli Grunfeld
Designer: Uri Onn

The songs performed in Arabic, comments in Hebrew
Show length: 75 min

כשהאדמה רועשת
טופס הרשמה לאירוע, ללא עלות