How to Remain a Humanist after a Massacre in 17 Steps

A theatrical collage consisting of two plays

Part 1 of the evening
The play How to Remain a Humanist after a Massacre in 17 Steps
by Maya Arad-Yasur captures one moment in time, when the ground falls from under your feet after a traumatic event such as the massacre of 7/10.
The event threatens to destroy the cornerstones of the thoroughly built personality and is a breach of the struggle of consciousness and reason for the forces of survival: How to remain humanistic? This is a woman’s guide to herself. How do you bring such an internal struggle to the stage? How do you capture one moment in time when something collapses and something else struggles to hold?
The play produces a performative struggle through the body. The entire experience is the struggle between the human forces necessary for a person to remain a humanist in the face of events, but at the same time the importance of this struggle also becomes more acute.

Play: Maya Arad-Yasur, Director: Sapir Heller, Actor: Michal Weinberg
The show is currently being produced in about 10 theatres throughout Germany. This is its Israeli version.

Part 2 of the evening
The play: Seven Jewish Girls
By British playwright: Caryl Churchill in 2009 following the Gaza War.
Translation: Shimon Levy, Adaptation & Direction: Dori Engel
Actors: Samira Saraya & Estie Zakheim

A discussion will take place after the show with Maya Arad-Yasur & actors

Evening length: 60 min.

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