Jaffa Nights – Let’s Dance

A dancing hall in Jaffa 1919-2019

A theatre performance, integrating music and dances from all times.
Love stories, political conflicts and dreams about freedom in between Arabs and Jewish citizens in Jaffa, immigrants and refugees. They all meet during the years in a dance hall in the port of Jaffa, the gate to the promise land.

Show without words
Show length: 75 min

Script: Sinai Peter, Gaby Aldor, Igal Ezraty
Directors: Igal Ezraty and Gaby Aldor
Stage Design: Uri Onn
Costumes: Atalia Ben Menachem
Music & Performance:
Ofree Israeli, based on the original music by Eldad Lidor & Rafi Toren
Lighting: Roee Dvir
Artistic advice: Denise Blucherkusevsky
Asst. Directors: Ali Jabarin, Gil Shenkin
Stage Manager: Ravid Savil, Zichrini Hatzor
Artistic Consultant: Eli Grunfeld; Original production: Irit Neeman

Amal, the Arab Founder of the Dance Hall in – Eabir Lawn
Samir, Her eldest son, later warrior– Rami Saliba
Rabia, Her young son – Liav Hasdo Yaniv
Baruch, Merchant – Yair Vardi
Lily, Singer and artist – Sophie Zedaka
Anna, Jewish Pioneer immigrate to the holy land – Misan Miso Samara
Mark, Pioneer, dancer, later soldier – Denise Blucherkusevsky
James, British Officer – David Shamul
Bella, Holocaust survivor, later owner of the Dance Hall – Gaby Aldor
Ben Simchon, jewish Immigrant from Morocco North Africa, later co-owner – David Shamul

“On the stage are nine actors, dancers and singers, Jews and Arabs, as well as the lovely Sophie Tzadaka… theater of movement, without words, with music, dances and hits from different periods… for the lovers of nostalgia…”
Yermi Amir, Rehset Bet

“…the show is presented in an exciting and interesting way and with great talent..”

כשהאדמה רועשת
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