Jaffa Nights – Let’s Dance

A dancing hall in Jaffa 1919-2019

A theatre performance, by a company of actors integrating music, period hits and dances from all times. They impersonate the different steady visitors of the place, their loves and conflicts. The guests don’t get old, yet live through all the times. Good and bad, dancing

A new version production premiere at Jaffa Theatre celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Jaffa Theatre

Show without words
Show length: 75 min

Script: Sinai Peter, Gaby Aldor, Igal Ezraty
Directors: Igal Ezraty and Gaby Aldor
Stage Design: Uri Onn
Costumes: Atalia Ben Menachem
Music & Performance: Ofry Israeli, based on the original music by Eldad Lidor & Rafi Toren
Lighting: Roee Dvir
Artistic advice: Denise Blucherkusevsky
Asst. Directors: Ali Jabarin, Gil Shenkin
Stage Manager: Ravid Savil, Zichrini Hatzor
Artistic Consultant: Eli Grunfeld; Original production: Irit Neeman

10 actors/dancers & live orchestra
Cast: Sophie Zedaka, Gaby Aldor, Denise Blucherkusevsky, Rauda Sliman, Yair Vardi, Rami Saliba, Yonatan Agassi, Racheli Pinchas, David Shamul, kfir Livne Amram

Original production: Sinai Peter, Igal Ezraty, Gabi Eldor, Irit Neeman, Eli Sinai, Eldad Lidor, Rafi Toren, Shai Yehudai, Ronit Elkabetz, Claude Aviram, Smadar Ganzi, Doron Golan, Osnat Yekutieli, Elhai Levit, Shirley Milo, Halifa Natur, Noga Prat, Asher Rotem, David Shmul

For years Jaffa was a cosmopolitan meeting point. As it was the only seaport in the area, everyone who came to the Land of Israel: conquerors, the Crusaders, Napoleon, the Turks and the British, Zionist immigrants, pilgrims, wealthy merchants and poor peddlers everyone passed through it.
What more than a café/ dance hall in Jaffa would be the natural meeting place for all of them?
There is one reality in the hall, but the reality outside is knocking, and sometimes it succeeds penetrating in different ways: whether by a new immigrant coming in from the ship, a British general who has come on vacation, an emissary who announces a dramatic event that happened, or people who returning from a war…… are
I built a microcosm of the country in the dance hall through 11 players building a series of archetypes: a British officer, the Zionist pioneer, the shopkeeper, the merchant, the owners of the hall, the artist, the Holocaust survivor, the urban single woman, the immigrant from North Africa, following their evolution and development over the years.
The people coming to the café/ dance hall have a sociological political identity, but more than that, they are living and breathing people who want to meet, woo, fall in love and mainly dance! They will do it in 1919 when the pioneers arrive and the British rule, they will do it in 1944 when the Holocaust refugee arrives searching for her relatives.
They will continue on the night of 1947, when a radio is placed on the bar and everyone is listening to the UN vote on the partition plan. They will join the eastern immigrant to dance in 1952, celebrate the victory in the Six Day War, shed a tear and continue to dance after political murders and return from a protest demonstration and dance with the followers of Nachman Me-Uman today.
In the dance hall they do everything but talk: suitors ignore demonstratively, or not, unwanted people, make dramatic entrances to attract attention, signal the bartender for their regular drink, watch celebrities arrive, search for relatives, track down candidates, celebrate important events and mainly dance to the sounds of the fashionable music of that period.
How do you create this world without words? This was the great challenge in the rehearsals of how to characterize the personalities to be recognized by the audience, how to create the nonverbal modes of communication while avoiding pantomime, how to put the external events in and not be drawn into political clichés, how to live and dream while dancing waltz, tango, rock ‘n’ roll, Arabic Debka, line dancing and lots of Mediterranean music.

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