Jama’a Theatre Ensemble

Jaffa theatre goes out of its beloved home to bring back a breath of creation and fraternity between the theatre and the street.
A group of actors and creators, Arabs and Jews, that go out to tell stories in the language of street theatre in Arabic and Hebrew all over Jaffa/Yaffa.
The first performance is the well-known story of Red Riding Hood in a version of a comedy of errors.

Hebrew, Arabic, and clowns language
Show length: 45 min

Group members: Yehonatan Bason, Lewis Daniel, Danny Hertziyano, Dima Taiya, Subhi Husri, Abir lauin, ben Yellin, Mika Nadel.
Moderators: Sinai Peter & Gabi Cohen
Director: Gabi Cohen
Stage Design: Yasmin Volok
Assistant Director: Noga Gal

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