Marking 100 years of the death of Franz Kafka

In a letter addressed to his father, a successful businessman, Franz begs him to give his blessing for the path he chose, being a writer. Not only is his plea not accepted his father scorns his choice. The father’s regime of terror under which Franz grew up was interspersed with derogatory words. One of them that was thrown at him was a “creep.” In response, Franz Kafka wrote the story “Metamorphosis.” Adding another word would be a spoiler…

Director & Adaptation: Yossi Yzraeli
(According to “The Letter to Father” & “Metamorphosis”)

Download the show’s program (Hebrew)

Show length: approximately 60 minutes

Director & Adaptation: Yossi Yzraeli
Cast: Eyal Nachmias, Anatoly Scheinfeld, Adi Bar
Original music: Tomer Yzraeli
Concept lighting and accessories- Naomi Marberg
Assistant Director & Stage Director: Guy Yzraeli