Manegalian Passport










A pathetic satire on the promised land

Prize for best play awarded to Ala Dakka, prize for best actress to Hanna Azoulay-Hasfari, and promising actress prize awarded to Ronni Shteckler at Acco Festival 2023

Watan (nationality in Arabic) doesn’t have much luck, but one day he discovers that he was chosen to be a citizen of a new developing small Island nation called “Manegal.” Watan who feels that his future as an Arab in Israel is not going to improve soon, decides to go on a journey to receive a passport to start over somewhere else. But the unexpected condition he received from the passport office, lead him to a head-on confrontation with everything he knew. Will Watan agree to give up everything for the promised land?

Show length: 75 min

Written by: Ala Dakka
Director & Dramaturg: Lior Zakai
Cast: Ala Daka, Hanna Azoulay Hasfari, Ronni Shteckler, Zev Shimshoni.
Music: Alexsander Fisz
Costumes: Alona Rudnev
Set Design & Lighting: Alona Rudnev & Baruchi Shpigelman
Producer: Inbar Levin
Movement design: Adi Grof
Assist. Director: Alona Turner
Photography: Ella Barak, David Dekel

“It turns out that Ala Dakka is not only a great actor but also a promising playwright” Nir Yahav, Walla Culture – Stage

“A play that translates a personal-national problem into a brilliant language of imagery full of humor that deals with the chaotic and complex reality of Israel 2023.” Maya Cohen, Israel Hayom

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