First prize winner of the Teatronetto Festival 2019

Winner of “Kipod Hazahav” best fringe show 2020

The Nisim Azikri award for best actor 2019

The show tells the story of Noel, a young Frenchman in the 1950’s sent for reserve military duty in the dunes of Algeria, very far from home. There he is faced with moral and ethical dilemmas which bring him to embark on a surreal and dangerous journey through the Sahara Desert.
The year is 1956. In post-WW2 Paris, the city of lights, the dresses grow short and chansons fill the air. Noel is a young painter living his dreams in Paris. He lives in Montmartre and sketches on the Seine. But he is also a paratrooper in reserve service, and like many of his generation he is sent to fight the Algerian rebels out there in the sands of the Sahara Desert. He is not very rebellious himself, not an idealist and not a Communist, but at war, far from his homeland, he is met with moral dilemmas which lead him to do or die situations.The story of a man who has agreed to lose everything so as not to lose himself.

Inspired by a true story
Playwright & Actor : Amir Peter

Show length: 50 min

Inspired by a true story
Play write & Actor : Amir Peter
Director: Hen David
Music: Itay Laor
Costume & stage Design: Shiran Levy
Lighting Design: Nimrod Danishman
Translation : Adi Drori

Teatronetto festival 2019 judges
““A mature, clear headed yet poetic and moving work of theater. Combining sensitive adaptation and vivid direction, bringing to life expenses, eras,
cities and deserts, through simple theatrical means employed by a team of young creators in an exact and capturing performance.”

Shay Bar-Ya’akov, YNET news
“As an actor, Peter has created a lively, bubbly, humane and believable performance, which adds a significant existential dimension to the soldier’s moral dilemma. Director Hen David has set the story on a stage decorated with several piles of sand which gradually grow and spread, slowly becoming a realization of the desert in which this soldier nearly dies.”
“A powerful, thought provoking monodrama outstandingly performed by a young, talented actor with impressing stage presence”
**** (Four stars)

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