On the Edge

A new play by Motti Lerner

A political family drama, that focuses on a father-son relationship. The father, owner of a publishing house, wants to publish an anthology of short stories by young veterans who, after fighting in “Solid Rock” operation in Gaza (2014), left Israel.
The son, who also fought and was wounded in the operation, is now the CEO of the publishing house, and he fiercely objects to the narrative that the anthology offers. The conflict between the two, reveals deep moral and ideological controversies, that have created walls between them, preventing them from expressing their love for each other.
The play questions the function of literature in our lives, and its critical role in our development as a society.
As the father says: When literature sinks everything sinks with it.

Show length: 70 min

By: Motti Lerner

Director & Dramaturg: Hadar Galron

Cast: Itzhak Hizkiya & Dan Shapira

Set Design & Costumes: Frida Shoham

Music: Eldad Lidor

Lighting: Roey Dvir

Assistant Director: Guy Israeli

Photos: Raday Rubinstein

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