Oum Kalthoum










A Musical with Galit Giat

The play is on the life story of the legendary Egyptian singer, the diva Oum Kalthoum (1904-1975), “the Star of the East”, from the beginning of her performances, until she captured the hearts of Egyptians and of the entire Arab world.

The play depicts the desperate love of the poet Ahmad Rami to the beloved singer, and about the rivalry between his two friends, music giants: Oum Kalthoum and Abed el Wahab, whose songs, and those of others, are sung in the performance.

The show is in Hebrew, with songs in Arabic.
Show length: 90 min

Based on the novel “Oum” by author Selim Nassib (France)

Text: Eden Uliel and Igal Ezraty, Director: Igal Ezraty
Cast: Galit Giat, Eyal Salama, George Iskandar, Khawla Hag-Debsy;
Music Direction & Oud playing: Ala Abu Amara
Belly Dancer: Tamar Bar–Gil

Stage Design: Uri Onn; Costume Design: Shimon Dahan; Light design: Nadav Barnea
Video: Nimrod Zin: Stage manager: Ravid Sevil
Artistic Adviser: Eli Grunfeld

“…The Jaffa theatre enriches Israeli culture with a different perspective…the director and the four excellent actors manage to create an exciting and fascinating show with an equally enticing score… beautiful Oud playing by Ala Abu Amara, great singing by the lead, Galit Giat, who manages to make you feel the power of Arabic classical songs. This is the art of crystallized and molded emotion.”
‘Yediot Aharonot’ 18/9/2014, Shai Bar-Yaakov

“…Galit Giat and the ensemble of Oum Kalthoum sensitively and impeccably evoke the story behind the great voice that escorted and followed history…Igal Ezraty directed the show with intelligence, blending the music—singing by Giat, accompanied by Ala Abu Amara on the Oud—with a plot that moves seamlessly from one scene to the next. George Iskandar is excellent as the unrequited poet Rami, observing and narrating while falling deeper in love. Khawla Hag Dibsy convincingly personifies the role of the caretaker, always beside Oum Kalthoum, expressing her love and devotion, assuaging her anxiety and managing her health…Meanwhile Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Kalthoum’s steady singing competition, who at the right moment cleverly and generously concedes to Kalthoum the song, ‘Inta Omri,’ which would turn Kalthoum into a cultural icon.”
‘Habama’ 21/9/2014, Zvi Goren

“A fascinating hour and a half…impressive acting by all the participants…Galit Giat in the lead role serves as a reminder of the unique talent seen too rarely on Israeli stages. The Jaffa Theatre continues to successfully make Arab culture accessible in our culture… Go see this show, and keep your eyes and ears wide open—it is worthwhile and deserving…”
‘Ha’aretz’ 18/9/2014, Michael Handelzalts

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