An Autobiographical yet Imaginative Theatrical Story

“My name is Yemima, if you call me Yemima, I’ll answer. Behind my back, I hear them saying that I’m Papa’gina. That title of mine, that affectionate nickname of mine, I hate it, because it reminds me of all the things that I’m not. When my mother says Papa’gina, I know that she means that nothing will come out of this girl.”

Jaffa, at the end of the seventies Yemima, an eleven-year old girl, learns about the world outside. She sees images of love, passion and violence. Like the heart of a watermelon, like an open sewage pit. The images are revealed to her and force her to choose between the Baba Sali and Ben Gurion, between Israelis and Arabs, between reality and imagination.

Memories of tastes and smells bubble up on the stage and tempt the narrator of today to meet the Yemima of the past.

Show length: 60 min

Written and Directed by Hana Vazana Grunwald
Narrator: Hana Vazana Grunvald
Yemima: Avia Sadi
Mother: Limor Zamir
Penina, Miri Batito: Eden Uliel/Anat Levy
Father: Barak Sharon Bibbs
Boulbool: Rami Kashy

Dramaturgy: Daphna Krone and Irit Rachevsky
Set Design: Daniella Mor
Composer: Eyal Weiss
Lighting Design: Uri Weiss
Assistant director and producer: Yara Kipnis
Sound designer: Yonatan Shahar

Designed by the Department of Theatre Arts, at Tel Aviv University, researcher-creator track.

The play Papa’gina at Jaffa Theater is a theatrical piece that is modest and sweet, woven together by Hana Vazana Grunwald, about the female identity, of the Moroccan Israeli…During the play, all the actors visit the kitchen on stage and contribute something to the creation of a meal served to the audience with the closing of the curtain…I enjoyed this simple and small play so much, the spirit of plays for teenagers envelops it. There is nothing distant in it…When creating “close” theater, that speaks in real human language, you can and should do it very closely, look straight into the eyes of your audience without fear that the product will be naïve. All the actors of Papa’gina know this.”
Yuval Ben Ami, Ha’ir

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