Based on the stories of A Thousand and One Nights

A selection of traditional Arab stories. The show is presented by a group of actors in the form of storytelling, physical theatre, and elements of Arab and Western music. The stories told by Shachrezade during a thousand and one nights in order to save her and all the young females “heads” in the kingdom leads the angry and insulted King and the audience to a journey of adventures, a journey in recognition of human weaknesses. The journey ends with acceptance and reconciliation.

Director: Norman Issa

Arabic with Hebrew subtitles
Show length: 60 min

Director: Norman Issa
Actors: Futna Jabber/Abir Leon, Ranya Tahan, Milania Mattar, Shahir Kabah, Rami Saliba, Lewis Daniel
Adaptation: Igal Ezraty
Arabic translation: Rauda Sliman
Music: Ala Abu Amara, Chen Zimbalista
Stage Design: Uri Onn
Costumes: Ofir Hazan / Zika
Choreographer: Priel Hashibon
Lighting: Ziv Voloshin
Assistant director: Salama Amasha
Stage Manager: Ghassan Ashkar

כשהאדמה רועשת
טופס הרשמה לאירוע, ללא עלות