That’s (not) how you walk on stage










By Maayan Kilchevsky

Winner of the Commendation Award and the Tarin Shalfi Audience Choice Award (Theatronto festival 2021 established by Yaakov Agmon).

“Unfortunately, there’s nothing more we can do. The diagnosis is cerebral palsy; she’ll walk until she can’t walk anymore. And then – a wheelchair” This prophecy is the starting point of my story.
Behind the scenes of the theatre, between performing mandatory physiotherapy exercises, my struggles of coping with cerebral palsy will be exposed.
This is an account of battles – against my body, against an environment of hostile glances, against the men in my life; and then there’s the dream to be exactly as I am, walk the way I know how to, stand on my own two feet, be an actress and, more than anything else, have no one telling me that “this is not how you walk on stage”.

“Your story, this is one of the most important lessons In life. People who will see the show, will meet you and leave here with an added value for life. You are Incredible. You will win it all” Gila Almagor

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Show length: 45 minutes​

Written and preformed by Maayan Kilchevsky
Direction and sound design: Itay Plaut
Set and costume design: Noa Bendahan
Light design: Guy Galili
Photographer: Gerard Alon

Special thanks:
Daniella Michaeli
Roni Brodetsky
Nataly Zukerman
Shaham – The Israeli Actors Guild
“Ort Geula” high school Tel Aviv

In loving memory of Micha Levinson RIP

“Maayan Kilchevsky never let the cerebral palsy she was born with stop her from realizing her dream – and becoming an actress. Now that she has written about her life’s struggle in an award-winning one-woman show, you to can see what it means to truly stand up for yourself. just go for it”
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