The Kiss

Awarded First Prize for Best Play at “Theatronetto Festival 2023”

The poet “A man like me” has never experienced love, and never tasted a kiss. In his wanderings he met a pure and beautiful maiden who saved him from his pursuers, but didn’t win her love.
Her sudden death left him with a shadow of guilt, 30 years after her death, including guilt of murdering more women, he was sentenced to death. He struggled for his innocence against the endless need for love.

Play: Tova Rogel
Director: Sara Agmon
Actor: Gassan Ashkar
Music: Noy Kleiman

“How does a kiss taste…Like a tomato?
I read in books that a kiss is happiness with a sweet taste.
Mouth to mouth is happiness with a sweet taste? How do you feel after it?
thirst? longing? fear? murderous lust?

Theatronetto Festival’s Judges Reasoning
”Ashkar succeeds to portray the character of an unusual prisoner poet blessed with gentle sensitivity and strength, from a deep identification with the man and his suffering allowing us to get acquainted with an impossible love with an intensity bordering on madness. Gassan succeeds in portraying the large, awkward and threatening character in a way that reveals the fragility of his tormented soul and allows the viewer to connect with him and feel him. It illustrates the character’s enormous will to live despite the sword raised above his head. For that he deserves first prize.”

The play’s premier was at festival “Theatronetto” 2023, founded by Ya’acov Agmon.

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