The Occupation Project: Plays from Ukraine

5 short plays by the international group YoungPlaywrightsUkraine

From the perspective of two Ukrainian dogs reminiscing about life before the war, to three strangers meeting amidst an unexpected storm, these five short plays artfully dissect the subtle nuances through which warfare permeates our ordinary lives. Written by two members of the internationally produced group YoungPlaywrightsUkraine, The Occupation Project aims to uplift and give voice to victims of occupation.

The Occupation Project was formed by a group of students from UNCSA drama and Yale University. To hear more, find us on Facebook and Instagram @The Occupation Project

The show is made possible by the Semans Arts Fund.

The play is performed in English, with Hebrew and Ukrainian subtitles​

Director: Ron Weiss (they/them)
Assistant Director: Abbie Thomas (they/them)
Sound Designer: Ron Weiss
Lighting Designer: Ron Weiss & Abbie Thomas
Producers: Ron Weiss & Abbie Thomas
Writers: Uliana Klimchuk and Asia Pshenychna
Translator: Omer Lev

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