The Roosters of Yaffo

A romantic musical comedy set in the mixed city of Yaffo

When Steve, the handsome Jewish and slightly racist man, moved to live in Yaffo even close to the doorstep of the shop selling salted knafeh, he didn’t imagine what he would run into. In the courtyard of the building, three noisy, opinionated roosters would turn his nights into nightmares and destroy his romantic life. He goes to fight the loud roosters and, through this, ventures into a battle that discusses the identity of Yaffo.

From the conflict of ethnic, religious, nationalistic sentiment that develops in the neighborhood, this love story is deemed “impossible” between Steve Liasmin and the beautiful Arab princess who lives in the neighboring building, sister of Halil, who is raising the three roosters for therapeutic needs. The loving couple needs to fight for their right to love in the complicated reality within the mixed city of Yaffo. Will their love survive? Will the status-quo in Yaffo be saved? Will the roosters comply and be quiet for two or four hours at night? And, finally, what will the Municipality and the police do when they are needed to enforce the law?

Playwright & creator: Yishai Arel

The play is in Hebrew with texts in Arabic with subtitles Hebrew
Show length: 75 min

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