The Yellow Wind

By David Grossman

Adapted and directed by Ilan Ronen

Cast: Menashe Noy, Gassan Abbas, Raida Adon, Morad Hassan.

Twenty years after the Six-Day War, the weekly magazine “Koteret Rashit” (headline) initiated the thought-provoking documentary piece “The Yellow Wind”. This was the fruit of seven feverish weeks of Grossman, an Arabic speaker, wandering around the West Bank visiting refugee camps, courts of law, settlements, towns and villages, just before the outbreak of the first Intifada.

The testimonies and voices from the events in the territories were written 30 years ago, but when they are heard on stage today, they sound like they were written today. The viewers realize that nothing has changed during all these years and the long denial of this reality is chilling.

The new stage version will premier as part of the international theatre festival, Jaffa Fest, as a co-production of Jaffa Theatre and Tzavta Theatre.

Show length: 70 min

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