Exhibition – Under the Mask of Fame

Group exhibition

Solemn opening on July 5, 2022 at 18:30

Curator: Ella Rosenberg
Admission to the opening and the exhibition at no cost
The exhibitions will be displayed for a month at the theatre’s foyer

Alongside Israeli artists, participants are from Morocco, India, Malaysia, Egypt, Turkey, Azerbaijan and other countries.
Katherine Chai – Malaysia
Kimeta Cnicken – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kamal Kishore – India
Petra Wideboer Schut – Netherlands
Liesel Cerns – Peru
Rita Gevorkian – Egypt
Sergi S. Sane Vzun
Gamal Abdel Nosser – Venezuela
Zada Pazalja – Bosnia Hercegovina
Shaima Jamal Al. Shavif – Egypt
Tapan Mahetta – India
Dr Brahim Mohamed – Morocco
Entiram Memmedov – Azerbaijan

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