Women’s Festival 2022

Thursday 10.3.22
18:00 [Screening & discussion]
Film by Kifaya Ayati, Yael Kifer & Renan Zaritzky
Portrait is a documentary film that deals with the murders of women in society. She paints women who were harmed and murdered by their spouses and interviews their sisters, mothers, and daughters. Every meeting becomes a portrait of a murdered woman and an indictment against Israeli society, police, and its courts. As time draws closer to the jail release of her violent husband, Kifaya Ayati, a resident of Acre, who was brutally attacked several times, is looking for a way to survive.
Length: 82 Min. Arabic, Hebrew subtitles.

20:30 [Music]
Opening Show
In Opening Show, Singer Rana Idris is accompanied by six musicians conducted by Andrei Jubran of Karrar Ensemble. They perform songs of Arab greats: Oum Kalthoum, Ismahan, and Leila Morad.

Sunday 13.3.22
19:00 [Performance]
Actors talk and act Nola
With Sandra Sade, Salwa Nakara, Leora Rivlin, Limor Goldstein, Ofra Weingarten. Moderator: Daniela Michaeli.

21:00 [Performance]
Strange City
Leora Rivlin is accompanied by musicians in a musical performance. Songs of Rivlin, along with surprising versions of well-known hits, document moments of observation in pictures of life. These photos are simple ones of strangers in the street, at the beach, or in cafes, and behind their innocent images, visions, echo anxieties, tensions, and fateful events are implied in the background.
Words and songs: Liora Rivlin: Adaptation: Nurit Zarchi & Yemi Vidler.
Melody, adaptation, and keyboard: Shaul Besser: Artistic director and electric guitar: Yemi Visler; Drums: Gadi Peter; production: Orna Gretz.

Monday 13.3.22 [Productions directed by Nola Chilton]
18:00 [Screening]
Winter in Qalandia
Screening of the play, directed and edited by Nola Chilton, will be performed at the theatre in 2005 based on the dairy of Lia Nirgad, a member of Watch Checkpoint.

19:30 [Discussion]
The Social-Political theatre of Nola
Participants: Nurit Ya’ari, Oded Kotler, Muhammad Bakri, Sinai Peter, and Dalik Wolinitz with an excerpt from In The Land Of Israel written and directed by Nola Chilton, based on Amos Oz’s book.
Moderator: Itzik Weingarten

21:00 [Performance]
Believe a Day will Come
Women at War on Noble Prize Winner Svetlana Alexeivich. Arrangement & Direction: Nola Chilton, with Hava Ortman, Miki Mevorach and Daniela Michaeli, and musician Itamar Miron. Around a long table, a glass of vodka, bread, pickled cucumbers, and the Russian songs, we loved to bring up stories of young women. The play shines a light on the young girls that chose to be drafted into the Red Army in the Second World War and their stories that have not been heard.

Tuesday 15.3.22 [The Arab Woman]
18:00 [Panel & discussion]
Status image of Women’s representation in Israeli politics
Moderator: Dr. Rula Hardel.
Participants: Maysam Jaljuli, President of Na’amat from the South Triangle. Faada Shehada, Member of the Lod Municipality. Almaza Gebara, member of Taibye Municipality. Rotem Cohen Kachlon, social activist, a former member of the Ramle City Council.

19:00 [Dance]
From Soil to Soul
Dance performance by Sharon Halleli-Assa in memory of Ayman Safia.

20:30 [Play]
A play on women’s murder by the Al Majad Theatre, Haifa. Arabic & Hebrew.

The 2nd Women’s Festival

March 10-15, 2022

This year’s Festival is dedicated to Director & Creator Nola Chilton

This year Jaffa Theatre is initiating and producing, Women’s Festival 2022, in the framework of the Women’s International Month. During the festival, a selection of contemporary works by women from different cultural fields: film, music, dance and theatre. The events will present encounters with diverse faces of Arab and Hebrew female existence. The festival is dedicated to American-Israeli director and creator Nola Chilton, a pioneer in social theatre, whose 100th birthday is celebrated. A few months before her birthday, Nola left us. This year the festival will focus on the issue of murder of women, a painful issue in both the Jewish and Arab society.

Ticket Prices: Film/Dance 30 NIS; Panels Free; Performance/Plays: 50 NIS; Entire evening: 70 NIS

Artistic Committee: Daniela Michaeli, Rauda Sliman, Gabi Aldor, Hanna Vazana-Grunwald, Igal Ezraty
Producer: Ravid Savil
Advertising: Zichrini Hatzor-Katz, Lily Ovadiah
PR: Amalia Eyal & Elinor Glickman

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