Women’s Week 2023

Events during the Women’s Week - March 7-11, 2023

Tuesday 7.3 – Purim
20:30 Play: Jaffa Nights – Tonight We Dance
22:00 – Dancing Party with Masquerades, music by women

Wednesday 8.3 – In Cooperation with AlSaraya Theatre
18:00 – A Panel that connects the personal experience with the organizational work of women
19:00 – Screening of the short film “Salama” about violence against women
19:15 – Panel around the experience of feminist organization
20:30 – A play based on the text of Shechiya Hilway, Arabic with Hebrew translation
21:30 – Musical Performance: Samah Mustefa

Thursday 9.3
10:00 – Play: Shachrezade – A Thousand and One Nights. Sold out
21:00 – Spoken Word show with Samira Seraya: “To Be continued Story”

Saturday 11.3
17:00 – Which Queen Are You: Esther or Vashti?– The writer Dorit Rabinyan and the Stand-up comedian Noam Shuster Eliayasi in a humoristic – serious meeting on the female models from the “Megila” o Women’s Day and Purim holiday.
21:00 Play: “The Station” By Platforma Theatre. Sold out